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CEO, Life Changers 180

Robin Strempek is the CEO of Life Changers 180 and started the company with her business partner, Bob Dudley. Together they help clients change their destiny through mentoring and live workshops.

Robin is a life coach, mentor, and master educator. Throughout her life she’s helped tens of thousands of people change their story, change their lives, and change their destiny. Robin’s diverse background and can do attitude has provided her many accolades in a variety of areas including education, health, fitness, success coaching, career transition, parenting, entrepreneurship, music performance, curriculum design, and martial arts training.

Most recently, Robin’s incredible weight loss transformation is being recognized nationally. She is featured on the February 2017 cover of Women’s Day magazine for losing 100 pounds in 18-months and keeping it off. She shares how healthy lifestyle changes create long-term weight loss success. Robin is an advocate of making lifestyle changes that make her happy rather than sticking to a regimented diet. She has been featured in the newspaper and on TV. Including WBAL-TV and WBFF-FOX45 to talk about her weight loss success. She has also appeared on the Simply Shift with Kashonna: The Talk Show.

As a single mother, Robin has raised an accomplished young lady, Madison Strempek. After divorcing her husband, Robin found herself in a sticky parenting situation. Her ex was incarcerated, and Madison was devastated. To help Madison transition through a difficult time, Robin encouraged Madison to inspire others with her story. Madison wrote the #1 best selling book, “Everyone Makes Mistakes: Living With My Daddy In Jail.” She travels around the world as an international keynote speaker inspiring people young and old to overcome life’s most difficult challenges. Her speaking engagements have taken her to the White House and as far as New Zealand. Madison speaks throughout the country at various non-profit organizations supporting children of incarcerated parents.

In Feburary 2017, Robin will be launching her book, "Everyone Makes Mistakes: A Parent's Perspective" as a supplement to her daughters book. This much needed perspective takes the reader on a heartfelt journey of a mother's thoughts and feelings of helping her daughter cope. Robin has the honor of participating in panel discussion at conferences for children of incarcerated parents and advocating for this invisible group of children. Her book mirrors Madison's book by taking each of Madison's chapters and overlays a parent's perspective.

Robin started her career as an orchestra director for the Baltimore County Public School system. She earned a Bachelors and Masters in music education and became the first orchestra director in the state of Maryland to become a National Board Certification Teacher (NBCT) in Music/Early Adolescent through Young Adulthood (MUS/EAYA). Her career blossomed, and she became a leading expert in her field. She is a sought after guest conductor, clinician, chamber music coach, and judge. During her tenure as a music educator, she traveled with her music students to perform in England, Wales, Scotland, and Iceland.

As a musician, she stays active as a performer on the violin and viola. You can find Robin performing for audiences throughout the state. She’s a member of the first violin section in the Columbia Orchestra. Robin enjoys playing chamber music and attending workshops. Most recently, she played as a violin soloist with the Summer String Orchestra in Columbia, MD.

After completing a robust career in education, Robin turned her sights to the IT world making a major shift in careers. She was hired as an intern for the government as a systems analyst. Robin quickly worked her way up to becoming a lead analyst and team leader. She helped lead the modernization of a mainframe processing system to a fully modernized technology stack. To make the large transformation, the project converted from a waterfall lifecycle to a fully SAFe agile project. This is the largest successful modernization and agile transformation in the government.

Robin is an accomplished martial art in Tang Soo Do and a member of the International Tang Soo Do Federation. She trains at Synergy Martial Arts with her family. Robin began training in order to stay on track with her healthy lifestyle. After training for her first belt test, she was hooked and continues to train to this day. Robin has a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. She trains hard and competes frequently in national and world tournaments. Robin places first in many of her competitions throughout the country. Her favorite article of faith is, “always finish what you start” which suits her can-do attitude.

Robin travels around the world to speak and motivates people to change themselves from the inside out. She believes that perseverance through the darkest moments in life can give you the tenacious attitude needed to create your indomitable life, a life that will not defeat you.

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