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Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, and #1 international bestselling author, Dr. Bob Dudley currently keeps his plate very full. He is the senior partner of the premier success mentoring company, Life Changers 180. He is also the lead evangelist and Executive Director of the Lura B Walker Foundation.

Bob was born in Los Angeles County in 1957. As the oldest of 7 children, he grew up in the rougher parts of town. At the age of 18, after moving around enough to go to 17 different schools, Bob dropped out of high school and left home. He found his way into the Army Infantry where he spent three years of his life. While stationed in South Korea, Bob earned his GED and, ultimately, received a high school diploma.

In 1980, Bob made a discovery that completely changed the course of his life and, ultimately, became the seed for his latest book, “7 PERFECT Steps to Success.” After leaving the Army, he found himself in Bible College. That lasted 3 semesters before he quit. With a childhood in the projects living on welfare and dropping out of high school and college, he felt he was destined for a life of mediocrity.

Before he faded into complete obscurity, he decided to prove to himself he could accomplish something. This came in the form of going to the local university to get a degree. He decided to get a degree in Physics – he had no idea what this was but, it sounded hard to him. With several strikes against him in getting this degree, he jumped in with both feet. The result: he earned his BS in Physics in 3 years and graduated with honors at the top of his class. He also learned an important lesson that would serve him the rest of his life – how to be successful… at anything!

For the next 30 years, Dr. Dudley dominated everything he tried. Here is the short list:
  • Earned black belts in several martial arts
  • ​Started and ran a successful chain of martial arts studios
  • ​Became a professional dancer and dance instructor
  • ​Earned 5 college degrees – as diverse as physics, aerospace engineering and theology.
  • ​20-year career in the military – retiring as a Major in the United States Air Force
  • ​Went from a high school drop out to a rocket scientist
  • ​Started and ran a successful aerospace software consulting company
  • ​Written 8 books (one a #1 international bestseller)
  • ​Owner of several profitable real estate investment companies
  • ​Founded an evangelism ministry responsible for 10s of thousands of people finding God
  • ​Co-founder and senior partner of Life Changers 180.
And, today, Dr. Dudley is anxious to share his 7 PERFECT Steps to Success with everyone who desires to be successful.
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