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At Life Changers 180, we help people reach their dreams, because we believe in our core that every person has the right to reach their full potential. We ARE life changers. And, we don’t just give you some warm-fuzzy little broad brush outline, we actually help you plot out what you need to do from making your dream BIG to walking through the finish line.

How Life Changers 180 Can Help YOU
Introducing Ignite Your Life!

And, all of this starts with that BIG dream. What we call your Precious Burning Desire. This is so important to your success; we have dedicated the first day of our Light the Flame Within You two-day seminar to getting this right. The first day of this seminar is called, “A Precious Burning Desire.” Here is some of what we cover just the first day:

1. You will learn why it is important to dream BIG. It has been said, "If people aren't laughing at your dreams, your dreams are not big enough." We will show you why the greatest men and women of history had over-the-top dreams and why this is so vitally important to YOUR success.

2. Once you understand WHY you should dream big, we will show you HOW to develop dreams into over-the-top, can't ignore, full on attack, type dreams. This is the first step in changing YOUR story.

3. The next section of the class is very hands-on and engaging. You will work with our mentoring staff to take one of your dreams (maybe from your childhood, maybe something you just came up with) and turn it into something that will so fill your heart, you will actually start to see that it IS possible.

4. A dream is just a dream until we turn it into a goal. The next thing you will learn is about SMART goals and how to convert a dream to a goal. This will show you how to take your big picture dream and bring it to earth and make it actionable.

5. Once you have the SMART goal system down, our mentoring staff will help you take your very own over-the-top dream and put it in SMART language that will make it very doable. This will be VERY exciting!

Having a big dream, a precious burning desire, can be scary to people. I know, when I first started dreaming big, it was almost paralyzing. And that brings us to the second day of Light the Flame Within You – “Exercising Your Faith and Not Your Fear.” On this day, we work on showing you how to have the faith you need (we actually start developing that faith) to accomplish the dream you developed on the first day.

1. Faith in God. The universe is not random. The universe is not out to get us. Just like God set up the laws of physics that govern the physical world, He set up laws of success that govern the spiritual world. We will help you understand to trust what God has set up for your success.

2. Putting Away Your Fear. Do you know there are only two fears we are born with – the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears are learned. And, that means, all other fears can be unlearned. We will do some exercises to show you how to identify and unlearn your fears.

3. Faith in the Process. Pretty much everything we want to do in our lives (whatever our dream may be) someone has done it or something similar in the past. There IS a process. We will show you how to first trust a process until you have developed enough faith to trust yourself. The nice thing about having a process you can trust is, you don’t have to rely on trusting yourself until you are ready. But, you can still be successful in the meantime.

4. Faith in Yourself. Ultimately, we want to have faith in ourselves. For some of us it comes easy. For others (like myself) you have to work at it. But, no matter where you are starting in life, no matter what others have done to crush your faith in yourself, you CAN learn to trust your instincts again. You can learn to have faith in yourself to achieve the dream God has put in your heart. Our mentors will work with you to build that trust, that faith.

Let me take a moment to talk to you about the Life Changer 180 Mentors. Our mentoring staff is made up of highly successful entrepreneurs, fitness experts, and spiritual leaders who started with a dream and a goal and saw their dreams come true. The team is made up of self-made millionaires and best-selling authors, it is made up of people just like you who made THEIR dreams come true. Our team is made up of people who have a very close walk with God and are very, very successful at what they do. They never have to work again if they don't want to. But, they have a driving urge to give back. They WANT you to succeed.