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Running a successful business you can be proud of! Does that sound like something you long to do? If you feel like you need a leg up on getting your business off the ground, then Ignite Your Business is for you. In this group mentoring program, you will learn the foundational tools you need to not only get your business off the ground, but get it running like you always dreamed it should.

What does an Ignite Your Soul group mentorship look like:

1. You will get 2 private mentoring calls from Bob Dudley, Life Changers 180 principle entrepreneurial mentor.

2. You will get 10 weekly group mentoring calls where you can ask any questions you have on growing your business and hear the struggles and successes of others on the same journey.

3. You will have access to our Ignite Your Business private Facebook group where you can interact, live, with others working on cultivating the presence of God.

4. You will have 2 tickets to all of the Ignite Your Business Conferences for one year. At these conferences, you will learn how to brand and market your business, you will learn how to run your business effectively, you will learn the skill sets you need to be a successful business person.


To fully benefit from this mentoring program, we suggest you have completed both Ignite Your Life and Ignite the World.