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Ignite the World

Ignite the World is just what the name implies – we give you the tools to take you Precious Burning Desire out to the world so you can set it on fire!

This 3-day seminar is a follow-on to Ignite Your Life. There are 7 PERFECT steps to success. For some people, the first 2 are enough to get the all rolling and they take off like eagles. For the rest of us, it’s nice to have all the steps laid out so we can follow them to the prize.

The first 2 steps are covered in Ignite Your Life – “Precious Burning Desire” and “Exercise Your Faith Not Your Fear.” IN the 3-day course, Ignite the World, we start out with a very brief review of these and spend the vast majority of our time on the next 5 steps. Here are the steps, in order, and how we cover them in Ignite the World:

Precious Burning Desire​

​ Here you will review your BIG dream and your goals you developed in Ignite Your Life. Our mentors will call you at least once before the class to make sure you are set in what you want to accomplish.

Exercise Your Faith Not Your Fear

​Again, we’ll spent just a few minutes reviewing how you built your faith in Ignite Your Life and the changes that have taken place in your confidence between that course and the 3-day course.

Repeat After Me

​Our mentors will show the effective biblical principles behind this technique to success. You will learn the real power of affirmations and why they work EVERY time they are used.

First-Hand Knowledge

​​Let our mentors teach you how to recognize the critical knowledge you MUST know to succeed and to realize your precious burning desire, your BIG dream

Effective Planning

​​Before GPS, you couldn't get from point A to point B without a map. There is no GPS for success. Our mentors will show you how to take what you started with your SMART goals and turn them into a detailed and usable map for success. One that will work specifically for YOU.

Concrete Action

​Every successful person will tell you, the hardest part of your success journey is taking the very first physical step. Our mentors will arm you with the tools you need to take what seems to be the scariest first step on your road to success.

Tenacious Persistence

​Finally, we will show you the tools you need to keep you on track. Our mentors will show you how to leverage your precious burning desire, your BIG dream, to keep you in the game until the very end.

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough you will spend an entire afternoon in a group mentoring session with a mentor picked out specifically for your goals. This mentor, we call them Life Changers, will go over how our mentorship program works and what it can do for you. They will also answer any and all questions you may have on what you learned over the weekend and how to apply it to your specific problems.