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Life Changers 180, LLC Launches Conquering Anxiety: A Course For Christian Entrepreneurs

Life Changers 180, LLC, an organization committed to helping Christian entrepreneurs succeed, is proud to announce the launch of their latest offering, Conquering Anxiety. It is a revolutionary 3-module course thoughtfully designed for Christians who want to start their entrepreneurial journey with God at the center. The course was created and developed by renowned motivational speaker, evangelist, and international bestselling author, Dr. Bob Dudley.

Christian entrepreneurs face unique challenges when starting a business, from finding meaning in their work to overcoming fears of being out of God's favor if they fail. They want to make a positive difference but are unsure if their venture aligns with God's will. Because of this, many experience paralyzing anxiety and feelings of inadequacy, not knowing what to do.

Conquering Anxiety directs entrepreneurs to walk their business journey with God. It empowers them to boldly approach His throne, learn His will, and understand their role in His plan. When one is secure in their purpose, starting a business is not as scary as it seems.

"Any Christian can know God's will for their life," says Dr. Dudley. "If you know God's will and are willing to act, success is guaranteed."
Through a blend of lecture videos and discussion, participants are equipped to develop both their faith and business as they become leaders in their fields. They build the confidence to accomplish God's will, knowing they are uniquely positioned to carry them out.

In addition, the course teaches Christian entrepreneurs how to create an environment primed for success and a culture that attracts like-minded employees and clients. The result is a thriving business that supports their impact in the world and a profit stream that shines God's favor in their lives.

Dudley's insights are centered on biblical principles, with life-changing perspectives on what it means to be a Christian entrepreneur. He states, "The only way to ensure success in business is sound biblical principles."

Besides the insightful lessons, Conquering Anxiety also comes with a community of entrepreneurs who inspire and empower each other throughout their journeys. Community members can share their testimonies of struggles and victories, expand their networking opportunities, and inspire others in fellowship.

Since 2015, Life Changers 180 has helped thousands of Christian entrepreneurs raise their impact in their walk with Christ. They were able to scale their business, boost their profit, and grow their client base while thriving spiritually.

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