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Fitness for Busy Women


Christi Michael, here. If you watched the video then you already know Robin and

I are NOT actors, lol. But, I am a VERY GOOD physical therapist and personal

trainer. And, I want to share that knowledge with you so you can win the war

against tight pants! 

Robin and I totally understand the struggle of the professional woman when it

comes to the sacrifices we make about our health as we try to do everything

else. Both of us are professional women ourselves. And, we are both mothers.

As a matter of fact, I have 7 children and Robin is a single mother of one child. We totally get, I totally get, how hard it is to do everything and still find time to take care of ourselves. 

This is why I developed a program that is not based on exercise and diet. Rather, it is based on making small lifestyle changes, one at a time, that have a lifetime impact on our health. It is this technique that allowed Robin to lose 100 pounds in 18 months and keep it off since 2011. AND, it actually got Robin on the February 2017 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine! 

If you did not get a chance to watch the video (or, you just couldn’t get past the less than Oscar performances), let me recap what I showed Robin: 

  • Water, water, water.
    • Water is a great internal moisturizer.
    • Try to drink ½ oz of water for each pound you weigh.
    • Don’t increase to this amount in one day – work up to it. Your bladder is a muscle and needs to get in shape.
    • Drink 2 big glasses of water in the morning and a large protein shake sometime in the day with 32 oz of water.

  • Nothing to eat after 7PM.
    • Once you stop eating for the day, wait an entire 12 hours before you eat again.
    • If you are real hungry when you first get up in the morning, drink those 2 big glasses of water.

  • Nothing like a good stretch.
    • If you are a “stress eater,” stretch those muscles. No stress means no stress eating!
    • We hold a lot of our stress in our neck and shoulders so you need good exercises to loosen these muscles.
    • In the video, I show you a couple of great stretches!

  • Lifting weights? Really!?
    • Lifting weights is a fast way to burn calories
    • Muscle burns more calories than fat.
    • Weight lifting fights osteoporosis
    • Helps to prevent injuries.
    • In the video, I demonstrate a couple of good exercises to help strengthen your shoulder.

  • Nighttime routine.
    • You should stretch or do some core exercises just before bed.
    • These exercises are a great way to end the day and help you to sleep well.

  • Healthy snacks.
    • Avoid empty carbs. Eat 10 grams of protein for every 100 calories.
    • PB2
    • Bread
    • Humus
    • Crackers and small pretzels
    • Greek Yogurt (80 to 100 calories containers!)
    • Instead of fruit and nut bars, eat real fruit and real nuts

  • Happy hour! Oh, yeah!
    • Yes! You CAN drink and still beat those tight pants. You just need to be smart about it.
    • Eat BEFORE you go out drinking!
    • Some good choices are: Rum, vodka, tequila (all about 100 calories per serving)
    • Avoid fruit mixes.
    • Mix diet soft drinks with your alcohol.

I am a fitness coach and mentor with Life Changers 180. We base our coaching on the 7 PERFECT Steps to Success. The 4th step is called Firsthand Knowledge. And THAT is what I want to give to you today. If you have any chance of winning the war against tight pants while maintaining the busy and hectic life of a professional woman, you need to zero in on the exact knowledge to win.

My 8-week course, Fitness for Busy Women, is specifically designed with you in mind. Over the 8 weeks, I will show you small changes you can make in your life that take very little, to no, time to implement. We will take it one step at a time and take it together. Each week, we will focus on one aspect of your life you can change. I will give you several different things to try in that arena so you can experiment and pick the lifestyle change that works for you!

                                                Typically, my clients invest $997.00 to learn the lifestyle hacks I am going to

                                                show you over the next 8 weeks. But, I am on a mission to help as many professional

                                               women as I can. Because of this, I am offering this course to you for $197!

                                               If this sounds like exactly what you need (and I’m sure it is), then click the button

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                                               I am not really a big believer in the hard sell so, I’m not going to go through a big long

                                               explanation about why you MUST have this program. I’m just going to say, “February

                                               2017 cover of Woman’s Day Magazine!”