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Hello. My name is Christina Michael. Like so many others, I am a fitness nerd. I can be politically correct and say I am a fitness enthusiast, but let’s face it. I am a real nerd. In my spare time I enjoy looking up the latest study done about a new supplement or how cabbage can help detox your intestines. I get excited about a newly formulated whey protein isolate that dissolves well in skim milk. I love looking up 50 different ways to increase muscle density in the bicep muscle, discovering new core exercises, and watching people do crazy, fantastic exercises while weight bearing on exercise balls.

I am also a PT.  No, that doesn’t stand for pain and torture… or physical terrorist, (although some of my patients may call me that) it stands for Physical Therapist. I have chosen a field to extend my love of fitness and exercise to others. I accept the challenge of discovering movement dysfunctions due to injury or muscular imbalances. Then I create a treatment plan and exercise program by drawing from my education and my 20 years of experience as a therapist. I get athletes back to their games, gardeners back to planting their peppers, and super grand-parents back to roller skating. Or I get people back to their normal everyday activities without pain.

My educational back ground includes a Bachelor’s degree from BYU in Exercise Science, and Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. I have had my own personal training and physical therapy business as well as worked in the hospital and out-patient setting. I am currently working as a Therapist and Clinical Director for Pivot Physical Therapy.

Hobbies that I enjoy and would love to do more often include: playing the piano, singing, watching live bands, dancing, scuba diving, scrapbooking, reading…but I spend most of my time doing boring stuff like cooking, grocery shopping, doing laundry, and cleaning because I have 7 kids. Yep 7. Yes, I had a TV. Right now I have 2 in college, 1 in High School, 2 in Middle school, and 2 in Elementary. I have 4 boys and 3 girls, no twins. 

Have you seen that show Fit to Fat to Fit? I did that. Seven times. I gained between 50-70 pounds with each pregnancy and had to get it off again 7 times. I work out and eat right to get in shape, look good in my size 2 jeans, and prevent injury. I don’t want to be like one of my patients on my table that tore a rotator cuff just reaching into the back seat, or has such bad knee pain they can’t walk more than 30 minutes at the store. So I lift weights and eat protein to maintain strength to protect my joints. I get asked all the time for advice on eating and exercise to lose weight or just get in better shape. I am currently working on a book because I am excited to share what I know. I hope that this book will be educational and motivate the beginners as well as the fitness experts. So now you know all about me, welcome to life changers 180.

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