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Bob Dudley, here - author of "7 PERFECT Steps to Success." I want to tell you MY story and how I re-discovered the biblical principles of success. I say "re-discovered"," (not because I knew them, forgot, then remembered) but, because I think these simple, godly, principles have been lost by some and misused by others - such as the New Age Movement and the prosperity gospel groups. 

In order to tell you how these biblical principles can help you, I need to go back to my beginnings.

I went from having an abusive step-dad, being passed from relative to relative, and even dropping out of high school - to becoming a self-made millionaire.

After a short stint in the Army, I started, and quit, Bible College. I was becoming my parents – moving from job to job, factory to factory. I needed to PROVE to myself that I could accomplish something significant in my life. I would do this by getting a degree, a degree in physics – the hardest subject I could find!

I can still recall sitting in my car, crying, as I made the decision. Completely scared to death.

It turns out, there were three strikes against me: none of the bible college credits transferred, I had to take four extra math classes (to catch up), and I was working 40 hours a week in a factory.

To do this, to get this degree, I had to find something inside of me that would not give up!

Everything worked well until the day my parents and six siblings showed up at my apartment door – they were moving into our 2-bedroom apartment. I could feel myself drawn to being just like my parents, again.

But, I was determined to finish what I had started. I separated from their influence and finished my degree. I finished a year early and at the top of my class. I was invincible!

More important than the degree, I had discovered something that would serve me the rest of my life – 7 biblical principles I call the 7 PERFECT Steps to Success.

I figured out how to be successful at EVERYTHING I wanted AND how to teach these same principles to you.

I want to share 2 of those principles right here.

Precious Burning Desire. This is an over-the-top, totally obsessive desire to accomplish something. I had this when I decided to go after my degree in physics. In the Bible, the person that comes to mind with this type of determination, is Nehemiah. He was the cup bearer for a king. He had heard the walls of Jerusalem were down. In those days, this was the death of a city. Nehemiah went to the king to ask if Nehemiah could rebuild the walls. At this point in his life, his only claim to fame was eating the kings food to see if it was poisoned - not a very good resume for rebuilding the walls of a city. But, he was determined to do it. And, he did!

Exercise Your Faith Not Your Fear. In order to overcome your fears, it is essential you have faith in 3 things: God, a plan, yourself. And, you can start with the first and work your way to the third. I absolutely did not have faith in myself when I started the physics degree. I trusted God and the plan I put together. It wasn't until my parents showed up and I went out on my own again, that I learned I had developed faith in my own abilities. Moses was a man who struggled with fear and faith. When God first talked to him, Moses was 80 years old and 40 years away from Egypt as a shepherd. He had such little faith that he actually argued with God. Eventually, after performing many miracles in Egypt, he learned to have faith in the process God laid out. So much so, when he was taking the children of Israel out of Egypt and came face-to-face with the Red Sea and the Egyptian army behind him, he was able to command the sea to part and the rest is history.

Once I discovered these biblical principles of success, I went from being a high school dropout to:

- having FIVE college degrees, SIX black belts, and a dozen SUCCESSFUL companies

- owning real estate in 3 different states
- Coaching and mentoring many young men and women to realize their own dreams

Now I am accomplishing ALL OF MY DREAMS! I no longer worry about being unsuccessful.

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I want you to know something about me. I'm no one special. I don't have any supernatural success gifts or anything like that. I actually really struggle with procrastination right now. And, that's what I really love about these biblical principles - they help me get past that, I don't have to worry about it any more.

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