What is Life Changers 180 
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From the Desk of Dr. Bob Dudley, Senior Partner
Life Changers 180, LLC is a premier success coaching and mentoring company dedicated, exclusively, to helping Christian entrepreneurs birth the dream God has placed in their heart to change the world. We are like a midwife for future millionaires.

Our company came into existence on July 5, 2015. I was in the middle of writing my 8th book, "7 PERFECT Steps to Success." On that day I was sitting in the Morning Room of my house explaining my vision to Robin Strempek (my business partner and oldest daughter). We both agreed that the 7 steps to success I found in the Bible needed to be shared with Christians throughout the world. We also agreed that just a book would not be enough. We needed to show people, first hand, how they could be successful if they followed God's plan.

Since that day we have taught Christians, around the world, to start, grow, and succeed in the dream God placed in their heart.

If you are interested in getting a taste of what we are all about, I would suggest you checkout my FREE book: "7 PERFECT Steps to Success: How YOU Can Achieve Your Dreams"

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Dr. Bob Dudley
Senior Partner, Life changers 180, LLC
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