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Through our courses, coaching, and mentorship programs we strive to show you the steps to realize YOUR dreams. Our goal is to show you that you were created for something BIG and to show you how to realize that destiny!

Cathy Dudley

Years of experience: 30
Spiritual Life ChangerCathy has over 12 years experience as an Evangelist and she is excited about teaching you how to experience God in a whole new way!

Christi Michael

Years of experience: 20
Fitness Life ChangerAs a Personal Trainer AND a Physical Therapist, Christi can design a successful fitness program for anyone. Let her help you succeed!

Madison Strempek

Years of experience: 2
Children's Life Changer

Madison is a bestselling author. She has an incredible outlook on life she wants to share with children everywhere!


TO give you the tools to create whatever life you dream.

Robin strempek

Years of experience: 23
Fitness Life Changer & CEO of LC180Robin lost 100 lbs and has kept it off for years! She knows the secrets to a healthier life style and wants to share with you!

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About Our Life Changers...

Bob Dudley

Years of experience: 40
Business Life ChangerBob has years of entrepreneurial experience that makes him uniquely positioned to help you grow your business!